About Me

Hi, and welcome to the 22 Palms Family! I am Theresa, the owner and founder of 22 Palms Boutique. I am a single mom of 2 boys. They are very active boys that have kept me busy and, on my toes, as do all children!  However, as they have grown older and more independent, I find myself with the time to finally pour my heart into my dream business - this boutique!  My oldest is in college and plays football for his school and my youngest is in high school, holds down a job of his own and plays football as well! So people often hear me brag on them from time to time, especially during the Fall football season - I am a very proud mom! 

I live for caffeine and adore my orange tabby cat, Punkin.  Brunch is a must; my playlist changes every other day and I enjoy a good binge-worthy Netflix show. I believe that summer is self-care season, and I visit the beach as much as humanly possible.  It brings me out of the funk the winter seems to bring, and I get more Vitamin D (sunshine) and Vitamin Sea (I'm a true beach babe at heart)! Along with caffeine, the beach keeps me going!  I'm also a Jeep girl so whenever possible, I cruise around top down and doors off!  I want the sun hitting my skin and enjoy wearing any of my 35 pairs of sunglasses and flip flops!  

This next chapter is one that I've been excited about!  Throughout my previous endeavors, I always enjoyed helping people, and I plan to continue that through this boutique.  My vision for you is to truly enjoy shopping, find unique and perfectly curated outfits that fit your lifestyle, add flair and aids in your happiness and confidence every time you step out in a 22 Palms outfit.  I am committed to providing the very best customer service and an environment for fun and efficient shopping.  Enjoy shopping at 22 Palms!