Our Mission

Hi!  I'm Theresa and the creator and founder of 22 Palms Boutique.  22 Palms is for the beach girl at heart.  For those that find the beach to be their happy place. The place that has a way of calming as well as energizing you and helps reconnect you to your purpose.  That feeling is what we are cultivating here at 22 Palms and hoping to provide to each and every one of you, because you deserve it!  Here’s to the summer sun warming your skin, that tanned glow, the salty air, warm breeze at night and all the bright-colored, flowy, comfortable, feel-good outfits you can cram in your suitcase!  For many of us - post COVID shutdown, we are packing our bags and heading to the salt, sand and sea, lake, or abroad to experience another culture, or even staying local to re-discover our local towns and community.  Whatever the destination or reason, there is a new outfit for that.  Something to spark a feel-good mood and will surely have others wondering where you got your killer outfit!  It's truly amazing how much a great looking, feeling, and fitting outfit can do for your soul.  Enjoy a piece of coastal inspired comfort and style this season. Let us help you find an outfit that you can't wait to wear again!