Instagram Algorithm: The Ebbs and Flows and Dare I Say, Major Updates!!!

Navigating the ever-shifting world of social media algorithms can feel like a rollercoaster ride. With platforms constantly tweaking their formulas, it's no wonder users are left scratching their heads wondering why they never see posts from their favorite brands, accounts and people!  It's equally frustrating on the creative's end as well.  

Posts just don't reach as many eyes organically anymore - our feed is consumed with sponsored ads from brands either we'd never shop with or care about. It's like shouting into a void sometimes. And let's not forget the mystery surrounding these algorithm updates. Platforms rarely spill the beans, leaving us users feeling like we're stumbling in the dark.  But there is news on this!!  Keep reading...

Building and keeping an audience is another challenge. What used to reel in followers by the dozen now barely gets a glance. Plus, with algorithms favoring certain types of content, diversity takes a hit. It's like a never-ending game of cat and mouse and we are exhausted!

Building relationships is key too. Engage with your followers and those who you follow, the small businesses in your community and those owners whose values mesh with your own, and watch your visibility and connection soar. Oh, and don't put all your eggs in one basket – spread your presence across different platforms. There are things to discover and be inspired by on all of the available platforms.  They all have their place in the social media universe.

So, now for the news I was hinting at... Instagram announced at the end of April that it has a major update coming for its algorithm, that will impact content curators, which is designed to help ensure that original content posters get more traction on the app, as opposed to those who repost their work, while also giving smaller accounts more opportunity.

The update consists of four key elements:

1. Removing aggregator accounts from recommendations

2. Adding labels to reposted content

3. Replacing reposts with original content in recommendations (this one is HUGE!!!)

4. Smaller creators will get more distribution (and this one is even bigger!  Yay for the little guy!)

“Historically because of how we’ve ranked content, creators with large followings and aggregators of reposted content have gotten more reach in recommendations than smaller, original content creators. We think it’s important to correct this to give all creators a more equal chance of breaking through to new audiences.”

These updates will take some time to implement of course but changes are happening and for the smaller account, small business owner, newer accounts out there, we are getting our time to shine with a little more equality in the algorithm and feed of content consumers.

To wrap this up - here is the bottom line.  ENGAGE with the accounts you want to see more, share their content, recommend their page to your friends who you think will like their content and just show and spread the love!  You'll be seeing more of your small business and newer creator account friends in the near future!

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